Back in the day we used to have cakes only on special occasions, birthdays, weddings, special gathering, etc. well we decided to change that. Nowadays we have cake just for the sake of having it, indulge in our wide array of sweets and get to know what really made us what we are today… what are you waiting for?


We decided not to over think this and give you the most cliche description ever, “who doesn’t like chocolate?


If you’re someone who doesn’t like chocolate or sweets, we have just the thing you need, SAVORY! Vine leaves, canapes, salted biscuits, you name it, we have it.


We all have that special someone that we want to bring a gift for, but we always waste too much time thinking about what to get and we end up missing the anniversary. Well don’t think too much, we’ll take care of it. Whether it’s an anniversary gift or giveaways for your baby, we have it all.